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Eskom’s Power Purchase Plans

Eskom has launched three separate power purchase programmes to secure an additional 1,000 megawatts of electricity generation.

The embattled utility says it hopes to sign the first power supply agreement this week so more power can be added to the national grid as soon as possible.

The first Standard Offer Programme will see electricity bought from companies with self-generating capacity at a set price for three years.

The second Programme will allow producers to charge higher prices when the grid is significantly constrained.

The third Bilateral Power Import Programme will see more power secured from neighbouring countries.

At first, the programmes will be open to independent generators with the availability of more than one megawatt.

But over time, the threshold will be lowered to enable smaller producers to participate.

Eskom announced that they will reduce power cuts to Stage 5.

Eskom said a unit each at Camden, Kriel, Kusile and Kendal were returned overnight.