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Eskom Urges Citizens Not To Panic, But Load Shedding Continues

Eskom has assured customers that there is no need to panic over the ongoing rolling blackouts.

On Tuesday morning, the utility said its emergency response command centre and technical teams have been working around the clock to stabilise the grid.

South Africans reacted with shock on Monday, when stage 6 load shedding was implemented.

Eskom said this was done to avoid a complete blackout.

Spokesperson Dikatso Mothae said: “It is still a controlled way to ensure that we don’t have a complete blackout.”

South Africans were left asking questions about what stage 6 of load shedding meant while municipalities scrambled to amend their schedules.

Meanwhile, there are warnings that the ongoing blackouts will place South Africa in even further economic trouble.

Economist Iraj Abedian said if this trend continued, South Africa could go into a recession.

“If it continues like this, no mine can operate with this ‘don’t call me, I’ll call you when we have electricity’. No factory, business, financial services can run when there’s no power.”

The country is currently surviving on stage 4 load shedding until 11 pm on Tuesday.