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Eskom To Implement Power Restrictions In Parts Of Gauteng Due To Illegal Connections

Eskom said that it would begin implementing power restrictions in some parts of Gauteng due to overloading because of suspected illegal connections.

Eskom said that it had recorded high usage of electricity during peak periods in the morning and in the evening mainly in residential areas.

The power utility said that it may implement power cuts in these areas on a rotational basis in order to cut rising costs.

Gauteng’s maintenance and operations manager, Motlhabane Ramashi, said that this was necessary to avoid systems overload.

“It is prudent for us to take delivery measures to significantly reduce the extremely high costs associated with repeated equipment failure resulting from overloading which costs more as the power is indiscriminately used during the peak periods. This unprecedented measure is necessary to contain the situation. We deem the constant repairs and replacement of equipment that fails before they realise their investment as unwarranted.”