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Eskom Optimistic About Winter Load Shedding Outlook

South Africa is on course for a smoother winter as Eskom maintains its progress in minimizing unplanned power outages.

At a briefing held at Megawatt Park in Johannesburg on Friday, Eskom’s CEO, Dan Marokane, who has been at the helm for 100 days, shared updates on the winter energy forecast.

Operational recovery is his main priority. “Our focus is really beyond today, beyond load shedding, setting up this business for the next version. What we have is a really good base to work on,” Marokane stated.

Eskom has successfully avoided load shedding for 79 days, and Marokane expressed cautious optimism about continuing this trend. “We have seen some phenomenal in as far as the reduction of unplanned outages. For us to have a much more comfortable winter, we need to stay below 14,000mw of unplanned losses. We have averaged now 12,000mw of unplanned losses and that gives us some comfort,” he explained.