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Eskom Implements Stage 2 Load Shedding

Eskom announced that it will implement stage 2 load shedding from 4pm until 11pm on Thursday.

In a short statement on Twitter, the power company said it was implementing load shedding “due to a shortage of capacity”.

Eskom has reminded customers that it’s implemented stage two load shedding in order to prevent a “national collapse” of South Africa’s power system.

Eskom spokesperson Dikatso Mothae said: “We are now sitting with additional outages and planned outages that were conducted have not retuned. This is why we’ve implemented stage two load shedding. Our dam levels are also low, so our emergency reserves are not where we’d like them to be.”

The power utility said it was working to reduce the load on the national grid and apologised to all consumers for the inconvenience caused.

Last week, Eskom said it needed to come up with a way to address the R50 billion shortfall it had accumulated this past financial year.

The power utility projected that it would lose R20 billion by the end of the year.

Its operating costs are over R30 billion.

Eskom’s CFO Calib Cassim said it was getting harder to service its debt and a plan is needed.

“As we move down the timeline and we embed those savings, that part will reduce based on what Eskom can contribute to the party. “

The cash-strapped state-owned enterprise’s board chairperson, Jabu Mabuza, said the power utility’s debt still stood at roughly R454 billion.

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