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Enjoy The Last Days Of Summer

  • 3 min read

We hate to admit it, but summer will soon come to an end. And with it, we will bid goodbye to the long days, warm nights and the general celebratory vibe that comes with summertime in South Africa. And while we are looking forward to winter for a number of reasons, there are a few things we’re still trying to squeeze in while the warm weather sticks around. 

Grab a sundowner cocktail or mocktail 

There’s just something about a summer cocktail and enjoying it while the sunsets. It’s good for the ‘gram, of course. But it’s also a great way to wind down the day with friends and loved ones. Enjoy these sessions while the weather allows and before the cold of winter keeps us indoors. Tobago’s bar at Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront is arguably one of the best locations from which to watch the sunset in Cape Town, while Radisson RED in Rosebank’s rooftop bar has become a popular local hangout for the same reasons – the view, the sunsets and the extensive list of delicious cocktails and mocktails. Get it while it’s hot! Literally. 

Enjoy a night swim 

No one in their right mind is going to dip into a pool or the ocean at night during winter. It is far too cold, unless you live in Durban. In which case, it’s probably perfect all year round. So, while you still can, enjoy a night swim or two. There’s something magical about it. Be safe and perhaps use a private pool, reserve or beach area instead of public beaches. And some beaches don’t allow swimming after dark, so make sure you are aware of that, too. 

Summer picnics

People all over the country use summer as the time to picnic with the family. Not only is it fun and a change of pace and scenery, but it’s also a cost-effective way to get the whole family out of the house for a couple of hours. There are free-to-use areas such as Zoo Lake and Emirentia Dam in Gauteng, and the Urban Park and beaches in Cape Town and Durban. There are, of course, paid areas too such as Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens that offer up stunning picnic areas. You can pack your own food and enjoy this activity while the weather is still warm. 

Pre-work hikes 

Once winter sets in, get ready for late sunrises. This is why summer is perfect for those pre-work hikes and outdoor workouts. With sunrise happening soon after 6am in the warmer months, it’s easier to squeeze in a pleasant hike before the day begins. In winter, sunrise is after 7am and closer to 8am. Not a convenient time at all if you still need to get done before the start of your workday. 

Rooftop bus rides

More and more, locals are using their free time to explore their own cities and surrounding areas. For those in Cape Town and Johannesburg, this often means making use of the City Sightseeing buses. For these tours, guests are able to sit in an open-top bus and enjoy the sights of their city. This becomes significantly less pleasant when the cold sets in, so if it’s on your summer bucket list, now’s the time!