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eNCA News Chief Kanthan Pillay Apologises For Samkele Maseko Tweet

JOHANNESBURG – eNCA’s head of news Kanthan Pillay said that he regretted the statement he made on Twitter about journalist Samkele Maseko and the SABC.

After Maseko resigned from the television news channel this week, Pillay tweeted “Rats swimming towards a sinking ship – #EarlyXmasGift”.

This prompted Maseko to reveal allegations of censorship and editorial interference by Pillay.

In an internal memo sent to eNCA staff, Kanthan Pillay apologised for the offence caused to all and specifically journalist Samekle Maseko, the SABC and the management of eMedia.

He admitted that his actions were irresponsible and unbecoming of a senior manager.

Pillay added that in the next few days, the matter would be investigated and whatever outcome would be binding on him.

Pillay is a media practitioner and a founding member of the Capitalist Party of South Africa – otherwise known as the “Purple Cow” – which contested the 2019 general elections.

Allegations of editorial interference against him have raised eyebrows, with questions about how he was appointed to lead a newsroom if he had just headed a political party.

Kanthan Pillay’s apology:

I hereby express my unreserved apology to all that were offended by my irresponsible and ill-conceived statement on Twitter, posted on Tuesday, 17 December 2019.

I deeply regret the statement I made and retract it in its entirety.

I regret further and apologize unreservedly for:

1. The offence caused to all and specifically to Mr Maseko, the SABC and the Management of eMedia.

2. The action I took in haste and without thinking, which now places my Employer, my Colleagues, my Family and my Friends in a most embarrassing position.

I accept that:

1. My actions were irresponsible and unbecoming of a Senior Manager in any newsroom.

2. The statement I made is unacceptable and rightfully rebuked by all concerned.

3. In the next few days, the matter will be further discussed and investigated, and whatever the outcome, will be binding on me.

I regret having been drawn into a twitter war and I ask for your understanding with the knowledge that I deeply remorseful of my actions.

Thank you
Kanthan Pillay