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eNCA Fires Acting Head Of News Kanthan Pillay

News channel eNCA’s head of news Kanthan Pillay has fallen on his sword.

Pillay, who has been condemned for likening senior journalist Samkele Maseko to a rat, after the reporter resigned from the 24-hour channel this week- has been fired.

He also referred to the SABC where Maseko is headed as a “sinking ship”.

Allegations of meddling in stories were also levelled against Pillay.

eNCA has received massive backlash after Maseko alleged incidents of editorial interference by Pillay, who on Thursday was forced to apologise for his conduct.

But ordinary South Africans, viewers and political parties were not satisfied with his apology and demanded his sacking or resignation.

In a statement released on Friday, the 24-hour channel confirmed it has let Pillay go with immediate effect.

Editor in chief Jeremy Maggs said: “All news organisations have one currency – and that is credibility – adding that the negative attention has adversely affected eNCA’s reputation.”

Pillay is a former politician who founded the capitalist party of South Africa, also known as the Purple Cow.

Questions have been asked about why he was allowed to lead a newsroom given his political affiliation.