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Empowering Female Medics in Nigeria

Envisioned as a health system where all health workers can achieve their highest potential through gender equality and nondiscrimination. Frontline health workers in Bauchi State have benefitted from capacity building activities facilitated by the Global Affairs Canada-funded Enhancing the Ability of Frontline Health Workers to Improve Health in Nigeria project. The project, initiated in 2014 by the WHO, aimed to reduce deaths and improve the health of infants, children, women and men in Bauchi and Cross River States of Nigeria. It also aimed to increase the quantity and quality of frontline health care workers, such as midwives, nurses, and community health workers, to improve the delivery of maternal, newborn and child health care services in Nigeria. Commending the project for its investments in health workforce planning, nurses say it has facilitated the creation of gender and human resources for health unit within Bauchi SMOH. She is now the State’s focal point responsible for mainstreaming gender in all state policies and plans across all programme areas including HRH strengthening policies, strategies and plans. Her capacity to achieve these were built over the years through the project.