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Empowering Cobblers in Nigeria’s Cities

About 95 percent of cobblers across Nigeria come from the north-most of whom have very little or no formal education. They usually move from street to street with their toolboxes and a pocketful of hope in search of customers in the neighbourhoods. These small scale entrepreneurs make their living through daily earnings from shoe repairs. Although their processes are crude, they are active players in Nigeria’s Informal Sector (IS). This is where The Aboki Africa steps in with a plan to redefine the sub-sector of shoe repairs and improve the work and financial lives of cobblers. In a recent interview, Ventures Africa had an insightful session with Cynthia Chisom Ezechukwu, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD) of The Aboki Africa. She is a Nigerian-born impact-driven entrepreneur who has gained global recognition for creating impeccable impact and systems in the shoe repair sector.