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Emotional Salon Owners Relieved To Reopen

After many weeks of not being able to operate, beauticians, hairdressers and salons are relieved to finally open for business.

This week the President announced the industry will be allowed to resume under level 3 lockdown regulations.

The industry had raised concerns during the lockdown about the financial impact and had been asking government to allow them to operate.

Salon owner at Fabulous Hair Design, Phibi Fortuin says it’s been a tough few week not being able to run her business as normal.

Fortuin said she was concerned because she had staff she had to pay and her own expenses to cover.

Now, she said she was more at ease because soon she will be able to operate again.

“I was like would I still have a business, do I need to use my savings to pay for my rent and other expenses. I was stressing because I didn’t know what to do.”

Beauty therapist Micaela Diaz from Base Coat Nails was worried her industry will have to wait for level 1 to resume.

Diaz said she was more than ready to get back to work and was making sure she has the correct health measures in place.

“It was completely unexpected, so I am extremely happy and ready to cry. Being indoors all the time and not being able to do what you love. It was horrible. But at least we can now get back to it and I am really excited; the day can just come now.”