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Emily Nkanga is the Photographer with the Human Touch  

While her photos of celebrity musicians put her on the map, Nigerian photographer Emily Nkanga has had an abiding passion for using her lens to bring attention to communities in distress.  Stemming from her university days where she first began documenting people who had been displaced, she has continued to use her camera to provide a voice for the often voiceless. Any visitor to Nkanga’s Instagram page, which gives a glimpse of her select works – from photos of people in rural communities to an overhead shot of Oshodi and a popular garage in Lagos – can sense a genuine empathy for humanity. Not every creative person shares this urge to allot some of their time to do a project for their communities. Currently, Nkanga is putting finishing touches to a personal project dear to her—a documentary about the Ibibio tribe. It’s Nkanga’s tribe, as well.