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El Salvador has Recently Introduced a $1,000 Fee for Travelers Coming from Africa

The country’s port authority has stipulated that travellers holding passports from India or any of the 50-plus African nations must pay this fee, with the collected funds allocated for the improvement of the country’s main international airport. The Government of President Nayib Bukele says it is working hard on modernization and expansion projects at the El Salvador International Airport, to provide a first-class service to all users and passengers who circulate through the air terminal. The country serves as a vital hub for one of the region’s most important airlines, offering direct connections to over 30 destinations in 14 different countries. While the Salvadoran authorities didn’t explicitly mention it, this measure seems to target the growing number of African and Indian travellers transiting through the airport. Many of these passengers use flights with stopovers to Managua, Nicaragua, as part of their journey to the United States.