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Egypt’s New Wintery Attraction

The salt mountains of Port Fouad have become a tourist attraction after images of people sliding down them went viral. Egyptians have been flocking to the unique spot from various parts of the country to enjoy the scenery. Some even try to ski on them. Egyptian photographer Mohamed Wardany told CNN the salt mountains can be reached by taking a ferry ride through the Suez Canal to the salt city. Wardany says his photos of the mountains are part of an ongoing project to look at Egypt from a different perspective, shedding light on tourist and heritage sites overlooked in favor of more obvious attractions like the Pyramids. Characterized by their pure and bright white color, Wardany says the mountains resemble snowy peaks at the North Pole. And while they might lack the icy temperatures, they’re apparently no less refreshing. The salt has healing properties and sitting on it has the ability to clear negative energy out of the body, Wardany says.