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Egypt’s Most Extreme Homes

Would you want to live in a home made of recycled materials? Then go to October City, which is witnessing the birth of a nontraditional extreme home. Now, I’m not entirely sure if these insane homes are the best ideas, but the concepts seem cool. The completed part of the house, including two bedrooms, was built with the aid of 3,000 plastic bottles. Stone Towers, named for an ancient petrified tree at the center of this new development, includes kingdom of the art workplace facilities for a rapidly-expanding city alongside a five-star building, maintained residences, restaurants, and a centrally-landscaped area, the ‘Delta.’ The style mediates two distinct ‘edges’ – Ring Road to the north and residential element to the south, deliberately following a rhythm of interlocking patterns. Need some inspiration? Then, go to E-lwahat el-Baharya. It’s not easy to describe this extreme home in words. If you bravely reach it crossing the desert, there is a bed outside to greet you, not that you’ll care to do much when it’s dark, other than gaze up at the stars. This home has an extended view that provides you with a different feeling than you’d get anywhere else.