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Egypt’s Drive for Green Cars

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With the Zohr gas field coming onstream, and Egyptians furious about the recent hike in prices at the pump, a scheme to convert cars from petrol to compressed natural gas has taken on fresh impetus. Given the new ‘E70’ electric car will soon be ‘Made In Egypt’ — with the state-run El Nasr factory partnering with China’s Dongfeng Auto — the country will soon be able to boast of genuine green alternatives for travel. Many are touting gas as the ‘amphibian fuel’ that will help transition from oil-based fuels to green energy. But for some countries, there is also a more pressing reason – the cost. Since 2016 to 2020, the North African country has been working on reducing its gasoline and diesel imports by 65%, according to official data. Gasoline remains the fuel of choice for car owners, while diesel, locally known as ‘solar’ is mostly used by trucks and buses.


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