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Egyptian Startup Ecosystem Establishes Itself as One of Africa’s “Big Four”

That is according to the newly released ‘Egyptian Startup Ecosystem Report 2021’ from Disrupt Africa, which dives into the local ecosystem by analysing active startups, local support networks, and funding and exit activity over the last seven years. Since launching its research arm in 2016, Disrupt Africa has built up a significant portfolio of publications, most notably the African Tech Startups Funding Report and Finnovating for Africa, previously available for sale but now made available free for all via open-sourcing initiatives with various partners across the continent’s tech ecosystem. The Egyptian Startup Ecosystem Report 2021 is the first geographically-focused publication released by the company, made possible by support from key partners the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) and Global Ventures. Other supporters of the report are AUC Venture Lab (V-Lab) and Quona Capital. The publication finds that at least 562 tech startups were in operation across Egypt as of September 2021, making it the fourth largest startup ecosystem on the continent, behind only South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. These startups employ almost 13,000 people between them.