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Egyptian Startup Connects Quality Independents with Brands across the Region  

Egypt’s Stllr, a regional network of independent creators and boutique agencies, has partnered with Payoneer, a financial technology company empowering the world’s small and medium-sized businesses to transact, do business and grow globally. Launched in December 2021, Stllr reduces wasted costs in marketing departments and miscommunication with external vendors, offering companies a plug-and-play marketing model through experimenting with different campaigns like SEO, media buying, social media and more. A network of independents in the Middle East, the startup connects quality independents with brands across the region. The partnership with Payoneer, which has built a global financial platform that allows SMBs to pay and get paid, manage their funds, and grow their business, will enable Stllr to make real-time settlement to their independents utilising Payoneer’s payment platform.