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EFL Referees To Add Time Lost In Goal Celebrations And Substitutions

  • 2 min read

English Football League referees will adopt new regulations to avoid time wasting by adding the exact time lost in goal celebrations, substitutions or injuries, the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) body said on Friday.

The new rules aiming to increase the time the ball is in play, as seen at the men’s and women’s World Cups, will take effect from the first game of the EFL season next Friday.

“In the forthcoming campaign, the exact time lost when certain game events occur will now be added: goals and subsequent celebrations, substitutions, injuries and treatment time (if required),” the PGMOL said in a statement.

Time for penalties or red cards will also be counted from the moment of the offence until the player leaves the field or the whistle is blown for the penalty.

The referees’ body noted that in previous seasons the policy was to aggregate a nominal period of time.

Match referees will now take a more vigorous approach to dealing with deliberate actions which delay the restart of play such as failing to respect the required distance for free kicks or refusing to receive treatment off the pitch.

The multi-ball system, which allows a match to resume with another ball when the original goes out of play and has been shown to increase playing time, will also be adopted.