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EFF To Open Racial Discrimination Case With HRC Following Racist CT Pub Incident

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) demanded a Cape Town pub lose its trading licence following an alleged incident of racism.

Thabiso Danca was allegedly told by a bouncer at the Bree Street pub that he would not be allowed inside, unless he was accompanied by a white person.

A video went viral on social media of Danca’s friend confronting the owner.

Christopher Logan said he was bar hopping with a group of friends, including Danca, on Thursday night, when Danca was pulled out of the queue by a bouncer who claimed to be enforcing the pub’s right of admission policy.

“I mean, he said, ‘No, it’s because your people come in here and they steal, and they cause trouble. You can’t come in here alone. You have to have a white friend with you because, no, this is not me deciding, this is the owners”, he said.

The EFF’s Wandile Kasibe said they were opening a case of racial discrimination with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and other relevant institutions.

“This is blatant racism, criminalisation, racial profiling, degradation, and reduction of black people to criminals and prisoners who must always be under watch. Racists have become emboldened and now have the audacity to tell black people where to go and not to go in a democratic dispensation”, said Kasibe.

Logan said Danca laid a complaint with police and will also approach the HRC.