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EFF Shutdown Of Clicks To Continue

Clicks Group CEO Vikesh Ramsunder has apologised for the advertisement published on its website, but the EFF has vowed to continue with its nationwide shutdown of the chain’s stores.

In a late-night statement on Sunday, Ramsunder said he was “deeply disappointed that we allowed insensitive and offensive images to be published on our website”. The Full statement can be read here.

In a campaign run on its website on Friday, the advert classified two black women’s hair as, “dry and damaged” and “frizzy and dull”, while the two white women’s hair were classified as “fine and flat hair” as well as “normal hair”.

This apology did not detract from the EFF issued call for a nationwide shutdown of Clicks.

On Sunday the EFF issued calls for Clicks to voluntarily shut down their stores from Monday 7th September until Friday 11th September.

If they did not do so, the EFF threatened to deploy its members to forcibly shut all 880 stores down.

This came after the Clicks Group did not abide by the list of demands that the EFF gave for the Group to make atonement for the incident.

After receiving written legal requests from the Clicks Group to withdraw all threats to incite violence, the EFF responded with the following:

On the morning of the 7th September, Senior members of the EFF had been seen at various stores across the country.