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EFF Proposes Government To Get Rid Of Department Of Social Development

The commission on social transformation at the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) second national people’s assembly has proposed that the Social Development Department should be done away with.

Instead, the party has suggested that all poverty, alleviation entities and programmes be located at the Presidency.

During his inauguration, President Cyril Ramaphosa vowed that no South African would be forced to live in poverty by the year 2050.

The EFF conference is receiving reports from the various commissions that were held on Sunday, where delegates discussed a number of policy issues.

MP Delisile Ngwenya presented the report on social development.

“South Africa needs a coordinated and skilled approach to deal with poverty. All initiatives that are scattered across government can be coordinated from a central point. The president must take full responsibility and all programmes related to poverty alleviation` must be directed by the Presidency.”