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EFF: Malema Family Suing Mamabolo For R2M To Obtain ‘Justice’

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said on Sunday its leader Julius Malema is going to court this week not only to make African National Congress (ANC) MP Boy Mamabolo pay for defaming him for R2 million damages claim but also to ensure justice for Malema’s wife and children.

Last month, Mamabolo apologised on social media after accusing Malema of abusing his wife during President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address in Parliament.

The EFF said Mamabolo’s refusal to apologise to Malema and his wife Mantoa was “boyish”.

EFF spokesperson Vuyani Pambo said according to them, Mamabolo’s Facebook post was a mere attempt at an apology.

“What we have seen all over Facebook and Twitter is him insisting that he is not apologising. He has openly said he is going to defend himself in court, so there is no apology in that regard,” Pambo said

Pambo said there should be a consequence for Mamabolo’s utterances.

“For as long there has not been an apology and justice, there will always be a cloud hanging over the Malema family because of some nonsensical fool who just wants to grandstand and score cheap political points,” he said.

Pambo also said reports that the Malema family prescribed to Mamabolo what he should say in his apology were not true.

“There has never been an apology. The only conversation that has happened between Mamabolo and the Malema family was through lawyers. The is no relationship that is shared by the Malema family and Boy Mamabolo. There has never been a relationship of such nature. So, there is no way that the Malema family say to him ‘write in this fashion’.”

The Malemas will take the matter to the Polokwane High Court on Wednesday.