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#EC’s in Focus This Youth Month: A Skillful Sidestep Saw the Creation of Furniture Design Firm DEFT Studios

Design Indaba’s Emerging Creatives always have interesting stories to tell. For architecture grads, Zani Alberts and Martin Tallie, a dearth of project work, left them with free time to pursue other creative endeavours. Always enamoured with woodworking, they decided to delve deeper and see what they might be able to create. The results were so impressive that their hobby begat a new company, DEFT Studios. As architecture graduates they found themselves met with a situation where the profession was struggling to provide sufficient job opportunities. They needed a creative outlet and decided to explore furniture design. Deft was born through this exploration. They deeply value the craft of woodworking and this also inspired the name Deft, which means a clever or skilful quality, for their brand. What started out as a personal expression of creativity and exploration into new fields of design has since matured into a business. The aim is to consciously craft their pieces so that they will last a long time, physically and aesthetically. This forms part of their commitment to reducing the impact of mass consumption on the environment..