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Economists Warn Of Impact SA’s Rising Fuel Costs

The Automobile Association and some economists are warning South Africa’s rising fuel costs and energy crisis are hammering its citizens.

Fuel prices will hit record highs this week, with both grades of petrol increasing by R1.46 cents for a litre.

Diesel will go up by between R1.44 cents and R1.48 cents a litre while illuminating paraffin increases by R1.21 cents a litre.

The steep hike has been attributed to the escalating crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

The Automobile Association’s Layton Beard said that fuel price increases are not a new phenomenon but they were alarming.

South Africans will have to dig even deeper into already shallow pockets to settle their electricity bills after Eskom was granted a 9.61% electricity tariff hike.

Economist Dale McKinley said that this would drive the cost of transport, food and general inflation higher.