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East African Innovators Adapt to New Educational Needs

Ugandan ed-tech startup KAINO has developed a homeschooling app for early childhood development in response to the closure of schools in the country as a result of COVID-19. When Disrupt Africa first reported on KAINO in late 2018, the startup was in the process of piloting its e-learning solution KAINOtab, offering teachers, students and parents access to online guides and textbooks, assessment tools and educational games both online and offline. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, however, the startup pivoted to solve what it considered to be a pressing need. The MVP of this app was launched late last month, and is already being used by over 350 people not only in Uganda, but also in Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan and Rwanda. Opio attributes the swift uptake to the fact ECD is often neglected by ed-tech companies on the continent.