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Dutch Energy Producer Eyes Africa Expansion

Due to increased success in Europe and strong African ties, Bobsolar, a supplier of powerful solar energy systems is broadening their offering across Europe and entering the African market. The first regions to benefit from these energy-producing and cost-saving systems will be countries in the East African Community, the ECOWAS community, and South Africa. According to research conducted by the International Energy Agency, the continent of Africa holds 60% of the world’s best solar energy resources. However, these resources are virtually untapped, with just 1% of global solar energy generation capacity located here. This presents a massive opportunity for Bobsolar to be one of the first solar energy companies to unlock the potential of the African market. While this will let Bobsolar grow its global influence and expand the reach of the Bob Eco group, it also allows for the development of energy infrastructures across Africa that serve people, giving them access to affordable energy produced on their land. As it stands, Africa is and will continue to be one of the most affected areas of the world due to climate change. The continent, however, produces as little as 4% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.