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Durban Youth Radio Launches Back A Buddy Campaign

  • 3 min read

Durban Youth Radio needs your help!

Durban Youth Radio, known as DYR, broadcasts in the greater Durban metro on 105.1FM, and online.

As a NPO and a community radio station our mandate is to train the local youth in broadcasting and to date over 22 of our volunteer trainees have moved into paid jobs and careers in commercial radio and media.

We are entirely self-funded and over the last four years we’ve grown and moved to new studios in Florida Road and changed the station sound to create a new landscape for radio fans and music connoisseurs, challenging the prescribed radio formats that people are tired of. We are massive fans and supporters of rising Durban musicians, artists, performers, young entrepreneurs, charities and other notable causes.

“While we are not in danger of closing, we are indeed in a dire situation and in  need of support from the community that we have served, loved and entertained in the new DYR format over the last 5 years,” says head of marketing and training, Kevin Minter-Brown. 

“DYR has become one of Durban’s most loved radio stations. Few people know that nobody at DYR receives a salary. Everybody who works or trains at DYR is a volunteer. 

“Almost everyone on air is actually in constant training, readying themselves for a possible, hopeful career in the wonderful world of broadcasting” says Minter-Brown who is also breakfast show host, the show where most staff get trained.

“We’ve helped at least 22 youngsters over the last few years to get employment, mostly in radio, but many within the entertainment or news industry, and helped with the careers of countless young musicians, artists, actors, entrepreneurs and more with our endless and fantastic interviews with the people who are the future of this city that we love.

“We rely mostly on private funding, with some revenue from advertising, but with very little going on right now, we could use all the help we can get to continue doing our important work, playing incredible music – much of it not heard on any other radio stations, and being the voice of an important new audience, “ said Minter-Brown.

“Right now, due to the pandemic, we are behind in our rent and bills, most of our advertising revenue came from Durban based businesses, many of whom are struggling themselves right now.

“We have been through countless challenges over the last 5 years while I have been at the station, and we have overcome all of them. But right now we need the help of the community we serve.

“To this end, DYR has started a crowd-funding campaign to raise the much needed money to keep the station afloat. Any and all contributions will go towards administrative costs, to help us to keep our studios open and continue our journey in providing a powerful platform for the youth of Durban to find employment and find their voice,” said Minter-Brown.

To contribute to DYR’s campaign, please visit: