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Dripping With Hope  

Scientists in Tunisia have created a seemingly magical new device to produce water out of thin air. Motivated by the devastating statistics surrounding the world’s access to drinkable water, the inventors at Kumulus devised a futuristic looking machine that can convert the air’s humidity to drinking water. The Kumulus-1 is a highly futuristic-looking – almost like something out of Wall-E – Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) that can produce between 20 to 30 litres of healthy drinking water per day. Designed by Zouhair Ben Jannet of Air Design Studio to be able to produce water in even the scarcest of areas of North Africa and the Middle East, the Kumulus machine essentially captures air, filters it, cools it and condenses it until it gathers in a water tank. Kumulus-1 is also a smart machine, which means it offers the option of mobile control through an app that ensures the water is delivered in a sustainable and economical way.