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DRC Startup Provides Bespoke Digital Content, Coding, Programming, Training and e-learning to SMEs

ITOT Africa, an ed-tech startup based in Lubumbashi and launched in 2017, recently received $59,000 in matching funds from the Catalytic Africa initiative, supporting an investment made into the startup by DRC Impact Angels. The startup’s flagship product Okademy is an online learning, on-demand training and career tracking platform. Meanwhile, with its network of affiliated and trained students, Itot Africa also supports the digitisation process of its clients by creating technology solutions. “We cater to three primary categories of individuals – those seeking knowledge to fill a personal gap or follow technological trends, those aiming to meet recruitment requirements or find employment, and professionals looking to reinforce their skills,” co-founder Samy Mwamba told Disrupt Africa. Self-funded until the recent investment, the startup has already trained more than 7,000 individuals, of whom over 60 per cent are women, and executed over 300 projects. It has also created more than 100 jobs within the DRC, establishing its presence in the four principal cities of Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Goma and Kolwezi.