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DRC Doctor Calls Out Nations Turning a Blind Eye to Atrocities in Africa

Congolese Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Denis Mukwege is calling on the European Union to implement a system that would allow people to raise the alarm “to prevent atrocities.” Mukwege spoke to EU lawmakers on Monday via video-link. “We need to create a system which allows people to raise the alarm. These individuals who are in different parts of the country do fantastic work to protect their populations and communities and to prevent atrocities,” Mukwege said. He also called on human rights defenders to be protected themselves. Mukwege is known for founding that is renowned for its work treating survivors of sexual violence. He has faced death threat. The United Nations human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, called for a quick investigation into the death threats against Mukwege last week. He praised him as a “true hero” for his work. The DRC’s eastern region has seen separate conflicts involving armed groups and government forces for the past year. Thousands have been killed and half a million people have fled the violence.