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Doctors Come to the Aid of Zimbabwean Boy Mauled by Hyena

Surgeons in South Africa are preparing to reconstruct the face of Nine-year-old Rodwell Nkomazana who was mauled by a hyena during a night time church service in Zimbabwe. Doctors in one of the city’s main public hospitals stabilised his condition, but lacked the resources to fully repair the boy’s ravaged face. His desperate mother reached out to medics in neighbouring South Africa, who agreed to operate Nkomazana for free in a private Johannesburg clinic. Nine-year-old Rodwell Nkomazana lost his nose, left eye, most of his upper lip, parts of his forehead and other parts of his face when the animal attacked him outside Zimbabwe’s capital Harare on May 2. According Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority, wild animals have killed at least 60 people last year. Hyena frequently prey on cattle, attacks like this are common this time of year, when the climate is dry and animals move into communities in search of food and water.