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Djibouti the Smaller, Less Explored Country on the Coast

Djibouti is positioned on the Afar Triple Junction – a region where three divergent segments of the Earth’s crust – Somalian, Nubian and Arabian plates- are tearing away from each other. Lake Assal (Lac Assal), a world-renowned crater lake in the center of the country, is 10 times saltier than the sea. Another fun fact about Djibouti city? It is built on coral reefs that jut into the southern part of the gulf. These coral reefs have the potential to protect both human and marine life and are extremely vulnerable to rising sea surface levels. Djibouti is perhaps most famous for Lac Abbé (Lake Abbé), one of the most dystopic landscapes in the world. Travelers from around the world head 140km southwest of Djibouti city on the Ethiopian border to this deserted lake, looking to indulge in apocalypse-like scenery.