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Disney Joins Forces with a Nigerian Production and Distribution Company

The partnership will market some of the American entertainment conglomerate’s new releases such as “Mulan” in English-speaking West Africa.The deal makes FilmOne Entertainment the sole distributors of Disney-owned films in Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia.”It is a major career highlight, that we’re able to get the world’s biggest movie studio as a partner,” Moses Babatope, a director at FilmOne, told CNN. FilmOne Entertainment has been at the forefront of growing Nigeria’s cinema culture and has built cinemas across the country, including IMAX screens. The firm has also distributed and produced Nigerian box office hits such as “The Wedding Party,” and “New Money.'” “What the deal means is that we are exclusive marketers and distributors of Disney titles in the English-speaking West African countries that have studio licensed cinemas. We will distribute the films to all those cinemas in the territory,” he explained. Film analysts in the country say this deal may convince investors and film producers to look further into the African movie industry.