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Dirco Wants Compensation From UK For Damage Done By Travel Ban

South Africa’s Department of International Relations wants the UK to compensate South Africa for economic damage done by the travel ban.

The British High Commissioner to South Africa Antony Phillipson has acknowledged the UK’s decision to slap South Africa on the red list has caused damage.

However, Phillipson is insisting it was all based on science, in the best interest of public health and that it was not personal.

Phillipson said the countries must now focus on working together to mitigate the risks.

The International Relations Department’s Clayson Monyela said the damage has been done and South Africa should be compensated.

Many people have had to cancel their Christmas plans due to the travel ban imposed on South Africa and might not be able to find a flight or money to rebook even now that South Africa has been removed from the red list.