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#DI Alumni Unite: Selly Rabe Kane Tackles Pollution in a Short Film for Little Sun

As another tool in their arsenal to promote climate awareness, non-profit Little Sun, has commissioned a series of short films from artists in Ethiopia, Senegal and the United States. Called Fast Forward, the films focus on the people most affected by climate change, and they will be used as teaching tools in schools. One of the renowned artists commissioned for Fast Forward is Senegalese fashion designer, Selly Rabe Kane – a former Design Indaba Festival Creative Director and Conference Speaker. Her short film, Jant Yi, is set in Dakar, Senegal and features a sinister dystopian future where citizens from age 12 are required to generate energy from physical activity and store it in batteries, then surrender their hard-earned batteries to the government, which in turn supplies them with oxygen tanks to survive. Artists also featured in this film series of reimagined futures are Ezra Wube, Ghost of a Dream, Naod Lemma and Jessica Segall. They tell real-life stories and show the disconnect between the vulnerable and the decision makers. The films are set to be incorporated into an experimental curriculum for 16-18-year-olds that will roll out in Ethiopia, Senegal and the United States.