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Developing Local African Value Chains in Strategic, Lucrative Markets such as Digital Connectivity

Driven by the conviction that digital technology is now a fundamental right, Telecel Group – Africa’s first and oldest mobile telecoms operator – has been ramping up its operations across the continent to facilitate widespread mobile broadband access, including in the poorly-connected West Africa region, particularly Senegal, Liberia and the DRC. Furthermore, Telecel has committed to a $700 million investment in Africa to help individuals and businesses unlock their digital potential. In this effort, its Africa Start-up Initiative Program (ASIP) will be key, with its training, resources and funding for innovative local companies fueling the development of homegrown digital solutions to the continent’s challenges. With sustainability a top priority, ASIP’s latest cohort includes innovative startups in the Climate-tech, AgriTech and GreenTech sectors, such as BD Waste in Ghana, Safetrack in Morocco and Limawa in Côte d’Ivoire. Beyond investment, Telecel has demonstrated market leadership through its ESG strategy, which has led the company to run its data centres and cell sites on green energy to reduce its carbon footprint.