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Detained Rwandan Critic Sues Airline that Flew him Home

The man portrayed as a hero in a Hollywood movie about the Rwandan genocide, Hotel Rwanda, says he is suing a Greek charter flight company for aiding his alleged kidnap. Paul Rusesabagina says that in August he intended to visit Burundi but after he boarded a private flight in Dubai he was instead flown to Rwanda. He has filed a lawsuit in Texas, where he has been living, against the charter company GainJet, alleging the company agreed to facilitate the plane journey because of its close relationship with officials in Rwanda. He had been living in exile and has Belgian citizenship and a US green card. But he says he was tricked by a pastor into taking a trip to Burundi for speaking engagements. Rwanda has charged him with terrorism, financing terrorism, recruiting child soldiers, kidnapping, arson, and forming terror groups. In September, a Rwandan court heard allegations that the FLN had received help from Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu because of his close friendship with Mr Rusesabagina.