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Dept: Still A Lot Of Questions Over Anti-apartheid Activist Neil Aggett’s Death

Neil Aggett

FILE: Anti-apartheid activist Neil Aggett was tortured for three days before his death in 1982. Picture: Wikipedia.

JOHANNESBURG – The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development on Monday said there were still too many questions surrounding the death of anti-apartheid activist Neil Aggett.

An inquiry into Aggett’s death begun in the High Court in Johannesburg on Monday.

The doctor and trade unionist died at the then John Vorster Square Police Station in downtown Johannesburg on 5 February 1982. His death was ruled to be a suicide but it left many unconvinced.

The department’s spokesperson Crispin Phiri said the truth needed to come out.

“It is important that we exactly understand how the state had committed this horrendous offence. We know that the manner that Aggett was killed left a lot of unanswered questions and most importantly, who must be held accountable,” he said.


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