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Deported Fugitives Return to South Africa

South African authorities have taken over management of a maximum-security prison run by a private British security firm after a high-profile convicted murderer was accused of faking his own death in a fire, then escaping the prison to live in the open with his celebrity doctor girlfriend. Thabo Bester was deported to South Africa by Tanzanian authorities on Thursday after being arrested in the border town of Arusha, having apparently fled the country, according to a media briefing by the South African Justice Minister and Minister of Police. Multinational security company G4S faced tough questions from Members of Parliament (MPs) on Wednesday about the escape of murderer and rapist Thabo Bester. G4S operates and partly owns the Mangaung Correctional Centre (MCC) from which Bester escaped in May 2022. The company’s representatives insisted that they had fully cooperated with the authorities. But MPs accused G4S of failing the people of South Africa and refusing to take responsibility. They frequently expressed anger and frustration at the evasive answers from the company’s representatives.