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Decomposed Bodies Found In Shallow Grave In Olievenhoutbosch Backyard

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Four people have been arrested in connection with the decomposed bodies that were found buried in a backyard in Olievenhoutbosch.

A 17-year-old boy is believed to have confessed to the crime, after the secret became too much for him to deal with. He allegedly took a traditional healer and police officers to the spot where his mother buried the bodies 4 years ago.

The bodies were that of an elderly man who owned the property, who allegedly had a romantic relationship with the mother. The other bodies were that of a second man, also believed to be the mother’s boyfriend and the body of her son.

The mother was questioned on the spot. She initially made up a story about her boyfriends leaving to other places. She said her other son left because he was gay, which had caused a row between them.

In the end she confessed to killing them, but then tried to blame her 17-year-old son.

The mother and son have been arrested as well as the mother’s new boyfriend and a tenant in her yard.

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