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Death Toll Of Alleged Illegal Miners In Krugersdorp Rises To 21

The death toll of alleged illegal miners in Krugersdorp has risen to 21.

This is after two more bodies were discovered by the police’s search and rescue team.

The bodies were retrieved on Thursday morning from an open mineshaft close to where the other 19 bodies were discovered on Wednesday.

It’s suspected that illegal mineworkers died after flooding due to heavy rain on Tuesday evening at an unsupervised mine shaft, leaving them trapped.

Search and rescue personnel, paramedics and inspectors are still combing the scene searching for more bodies.

The discovery of the 21 bodies has left the Krugersdorp community reeling with shock.

Andre Shannon from the West Village police forum: “We don’t feel safe in the community. Now things like this is happening, close to where we stay. The minister of minerals and energy is not coming in to close these mines or open them up formally again.”