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Deadline To Renew Driving Licences Extended

Motorists who missed today’s deadline to renew their driver’s licence card can breathe a sigh of relief.

Transport Minister, Fikile Mbalula, has extended the deadline to 15 April.

All learner’s licences, driving licence cards, temporary licences, and professional driving permits expiring by 31 March remain valid until 15 April 2022.

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse, says the relief is minor and it’s not enough time to clear the backlog of motorists waiting for their cards.

Outa CEO Wayne Duvenage said, “it’s a very slight relief about two weeks effectively. I think what he’s hoping is to see the last half million to a million drivers apply for and get their licenses.”

“Remember if your licence expired you still have a three month grace period if you can show it’s been paid for. So I guess there is a reprieve last month they were saying they wouldn’t be extending and so they are. And it’s a good thing, is it enough we don’t think so maybe not but let’s see what happens and what he says tomorrow [Friday].”

“But we do think the minister should be working with civil society to find solutions because as much as they feel this problem of booking online has been sorted it’s not and it’s still a problem.”

The Automobile Association’s Layton Beard: “Given the recent problems with the production of driving licence cards and issues around driving licence testing centres and online booking systems, we believe that it’s unrealistic to expect that the enormous backlog of those wanting to renew will be cleared.”