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De Ruyter Should Have Followed Procedures For Reporting Corruption – ATM

Former Eskom CEO, Andre de Ruyter, should appear before Parliament and spill the beans of his allegations in what has now become a controversial interview with eNCA and eTV according to the African Transformation Movement.

The political party says while it doesn’t entirely fault de Ruyter’s approach, following proper channels would yield better results.

ATM president Vuyo Zungula said, “all this time we’ve been having a series of meetings with him, we’ve never received any information to that extent as per that interview.”

“A media interview does not have any tangible actions that will come out of it whereas if he reports or transparent to a portfolio committee in Parliament as mandated by the constitution has got all the resources and capabilities to actually work around making sure that all his utterances are tested and necessary actions are taken… he did state that there’s there cabinet minister, senior government officials…so from that perspective someone can give him a break, however it doesn’t take away the responsibility that he has as the accounting officer of Eskom to come to the institution where he’s formally legislated to and be transparent.”