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De Lille Vows For No More Forced Removals In SA

De Lille Vows For No More Forced Removals In SA

Public Works and Infrastructure Minister Patricia de Lille has vowed that forced removals will never again take place in the country.

De Lille was addressing claimants at a commemoration of the District Six forced removals at the Castle of Good Hope at the weekend.

Government officials updated claimants on measures being implemented to ensure they were relocated to the area within the next three years.

District Six claimants were hopeful that this time their wish to return to the community will become a reality.

Minister Patricia de Lille thanked them for their patience and perseverance.

“We must say that as the claimants, but also as the communities in our country, that never again will there be forced removals by anyone, especially forced removals on the basis of race.”

Mduduzi Shabane is the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform Director-General and he said that they would now commence with rubble removal for the next phase of development.

“This area has become a heritage site and we’ve got to comply with legislation, there’s a consultation process that is going to unfold in the next 14 days for people to make comments.”

About R1.4 billion has been made available for the redevelopment of District Six.

The department said that 954 claimants were still waiting to be moved back to the area.