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De Lille Insists on Avoiding Political Pacts For Expedience

Patricia de Lille, the leader of the Good Party, stated that she did not regard her political opponents as antagonists.

However, she is not inclined to align herself with them.

She stated that in order to more effectively inform electors about the candidates they should support, they must evaluate whether political parties have fulfilled their promises from five years ago.

On Monday, De Lille stated at the Cape Town Press Club that the notion that she is in alignment with the African National Congress (ANC) due to her five-year tenure in a cabinet is inaccurate.

In her decades-long tenure, the veteran politician has served in a variety of political parties, establishing two of them from the ground up.

However, she stated that the Good Party was not inclined to participate in any pacts for political gain.

“There’s this narrative that if are not part of this Multi-Party Charter, moon shot, one-way ticket to the moon, that you are with the doomed coalition.”

De Lille is also skeptical of the pundits and is not yet dismissing her political opponents.

“The older parties are not imminently disappearing.” They will continue to be present on June 1st.