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DA’s Winde Disputes That Corporations Linked in the George Building Disaster Are Party Donors

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde has disputed allegations that the firms responsible for the George building collapse are Democratic Alliance (DA) donors.

Winde, who is running again as the DA’s prime candidate, confirmed this after consulting the party’s archives.

Cameron Dugmore, the African National Congress (ANC) caucus leader, claimed that the firms responsible for the development would be protected since they had donated money to the DA.

“First and foremost, it is complete garbage. But I went to check when he said that. I went to verify because you know we keep records, and none of those firms donate to the Democratic Alliance, so I have no problem saying that.

Winde also stated that there was no need to establish a judicial commission of inquiry into the accident that killed 34 people, citing the fact that multiple investigations are now underway.