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DA’s Steenhuisen: Reopening Of Economy Six Weeks Too Late

The Democratic Alliance (DA)’s interim leader John Steenhuisen said that the easing of the lockdown had come too late for many citizens.

Steenhuisen said that South Africa was heading towards an economic depression because of the six-week hard lockdown implemented by government to fight the spread of COVID-19.

This, despite the Health Minister and experts saying that the measure was necessary.

Steenhuisen said that reopening the economy was necessary but the move was delayed for far too long.

His comments come as the country prepares to move to stage three next week.

“Unfortunately, for many South Africans, the opening up is coming six weeks too late. Economists are now warning us about an economic depression.”

Steenhusien said that with more people on the streets from Monday, the hotspot model must be prioritised.

“As we move to our hotspot model system, it’s going to be very difficult to manage a system of that magnitude.”

The DA has also called on big tobacco companies to take government to court over the prohibition of cigarette sales.