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Daily Paper’s New York Flagship Opening is About Community and Creativity, Not the Pandemic

Dutch fashion house, Daily Paper, has entered New York with a bang. For its first shop, the owners have commissioned a design that pays homage to Africa and uses innovative techniques for its seemingly beaded facade. The owners, of Somalian, Moroccan and Ghanaian descent, hired South African architect Heather Faulding to create a stunning structure that fuses aspects of Dutch and East African design traditions. The outside of the building features recycled Arizona Iced Tea cans repurposed into embellishments meant to mimic the look of traditional African beadwork. The marble mosaic greeting visitors at the front door features a rendering of a constellation of stars that formed the day that Daily Paper was officially launched back in 2012. Many of the materials used in the store are upcycled or recycled, including signage featuring a map of the U.S. made out of old newspapers and the bamboo that lines the ceiling on the first floor.