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DA Wants The Procurement of Food For its Hospitals From Limpopo by GP Health to Be Investigated

The Gauteng Democratic Alliance (DA) wants the provincial Department of Health contracts to buy food for all of the province’s hospitals from Limpopo to be halted and probed.

Since August, the Gauteng Department of Health has spent more than R23 million obtaining commodities such as bread, eggs, meat, and vegetables from enterprises hired by its Limpopo equivalent.

This followed prior allegations of food shortages and supplier concerns over late payments.

Some of the companies tasked with feeding Gauteng’s hospitals were not registered to supply foods, according to the DA, because their primary industry is engineering, manufacturing, and motor workshops.

However, Motletale Modiba of Gauteng Health maintained the government had nothing to do with the companies handed contracts.

“When another entity of the State wants to participate in an already established contract held by another entity, you cannot change the terms of that contract.” You engage in accordance with the conditions of the existing contract.”

However, the District Attorney’s Office’s Jack Bloom argued that there was something shady about the contracts and that his office wants a comprehensive investigation.

“It’s really erratic. Normally, piggybacking on a contract from a neighbouring province is something unusual. Contracts with local food providers in Gauteng cannot be difficult to obtain, especially when we’re talking about bread, eggs, fruit, and vegetables.”